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Why is proofreading important, anyway?

Simply put, because court transcripts are important. As a court reporter, you already know the value of your work to your clients and the legal system in general. Hiring a proofreader ensures that you are providing the best quality of work each and every time, thereby safeguarding your professional reputation and the integrity of the work. By working with a proofreader who is trained to find not only common errors but less obvious ones as well (formatting inconsistencies and industry-specific errors), you can feel confident that the work you submit will be something you can be proud to put your name on. 

Furthermore, your TIME is important. With a shortage of court reporters, your time and skills are better put to the job you were trained in, instead of losing 1 to 2 days a week in proofing. The less time you spend doing what a proofreader can quickly and efficiently do for you, the more jobs you can take. 



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What you need to know

Who I am

I'm Amber! I'm a trained freelance proofreader with specialized training in court transcripts.  


I offer competitive rates for Standard, Rush, and Expedited orders. Please click here for my rates and policies. 

Reporter Preferences

I proofread with each court reporter's preference in mind and will send each new client a Preference Questionnaire prior to starting the first job. 


I mostly proof from PDF transcripts but can do errata sheets upon request. Click here for more information. 


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Questions about my policies or my rates? Still not sure why you need a proofreader? Fill out the form, and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions. 

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